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Crazy From The Heat by Dave Hirschkop

Crazy From The Heat by Dave Hirschkop – Dave’s Insanity Cookbook, The World’s Hottest Recipes.

Crazy from the HeatCrazy
from the Heat

by Dave

From the maker of Dave’s Insanity Sauces! Guaranteed to be hot
hot hot!

Tis’ the season for hot sauce gifts. Every year I get a hot sauce related item for Valentines. And it’s always just what I never knew I needed! It’s that time again and I thought I’d try to remeber last year to make sure we’re on par. So that brings me to Crazy from the Heat, the cookbook by Dave Hirschkop, what I recieved last year. I love this cookbook! I’ve tried about half the recipes inside it and I’ve yet to be disappointed, but the one thing I do find is lacking is a few more recipes that are built around a hot sauce. Yes, all the recipes are somewhat hot, but quite a few don’t incorporate a sauce. Most of us heavy hot sauce consumers know that certain hot sauces just need to be the focus of a meal. When I’ve had a rough night, I make scrambled eggs just so that I can have some Cholula Hot Sauce doused all over them (great hangover cure) .
Anyway’s the focus of this rant is to let people know that I’m starting to collect recipes that are made for or include a specific hot sauce. So anything you’ve got send my way! Drop a comment.

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