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Crazy Uncle Jester’s Afterburner Fudge Sauce Review


It’s the glorious weekend once again and I can’t find one single reason to complain about that!  Work is the farthest thing from my mind. This is the time of the week that my beautiful wife is compelled to make something awesome and tasty for the family dinner. The aromatic smell of a giant, marbled pot roast is wafting through out the house. My two little kids are actually trembling in anticipation as they look forward to the “all you can eat” homemade mashed potatoes and gravy that are in their not-so-distant future. Every time I enter the house from outside my stomach screams “I want it now!” and I am greeted by that smell, small bits of pepper and salt, brown gravy, meat that is so tender that one might consider eating this meal with a ladle or large spoon! Crisp green salad is always available, but for some reason I never seem to have room. My mouth waters in anticipation!

As I endure that wait, I find myself contemplating how I can contribute some heat to this meal.  It come to mind that I recently got a package from Volcanic and Timothy Bader, who is the owner-operator of that company, specializes in dried exotic chili powders. I jump up and grab a container of Volcano Dust for the mashed potatoes.  His products are consistent and hot! I have four different kinds that I use on a regular basis. His Bhut Jolokia Pepper dust shines through any meal with that fruity, searing flavor that us heat seeking chili heads love so much. So I place this innocent little “volcanic” jar by my plate.

Dessert is a huge part of my family’s life as well. Comfort food always makes me smile. Integrating pepper heat with desert sometimes makes people cringe. It’s kind of like the first time I ordered deep fried ice cream. I thought to myself, “This is going to be weird!” but it was awesome! Created in 1998, Crazy Uncle Jester’s makes some hot, spicy products for just this kind of application and others. So for those of you chili heads that want a spicy desert…DON’T QUIT READING YET!

Crazy Uncle Jester’s Afterburner Fudge Sauce
Make Me Cough Drops
X X X Hot Candy!

So I decided that we would have ice cream sundaes for dessert. So with the help of some very chilled mint ice cream, we set out on an endeavor to partake in the worlds hottest “HOT” fudge sundae. As I read the label, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw that the fudge sauce is rated “crazy” hot on their heat chart.  It’s loaded with Jalapeño and Habanero peppers! YUM!!!!! We heated up the jar a bit in the microwave and it poured out onto the mint ice cream very easily. It spread across like a blanket of warm gooey happiness.  After a generous application of whipped cream, came a sprinkling of the XXX hot Make Me Cough Drops. I tried a few of these by themselves and found to my surprise that they were very tasty and sweet. We immediately dubbed them “Chili Crack” because one little pinch wasn’t even enough and I just wanted more and more.  Overwhelmed with that desire to eat more and more, my brother-in-law and I found ourselves doing the funky chicken around the kitchen because the  candy just lit us up! Man it got hot! Good stuff. Great flavor. So of course the xxx hot candy had to go on top of the sundae.  It was a tasty combination! Between panting for air, gulping ice cream, and of course that distant thought of, “Oh my God, this is awesome but how hot can it get?”  we survived the world’s hottest sundae.

I went on to later try some more products by Crazy Uncle Jesters Sauce Company, and was very pleased. They have been in business for many years and are family operated. It all started with Jeff Stevenson sharing a batch of his homemade garden salsa with friends and then a few years later a company was born! They have won over 40 medals in international cooking competitions over the last few years! The website boasts of all sorts of products and they have won numerous awards. They also have great combination packs to choose from for those of us that can’t decide which one to buy. Their spicy hot mustard has also become one of my family’s favorites. For those of you that collect fancy Chili Reserves or collectable, they just made a limited signed and numbered batch that has a creative laser inscribed bottle called Terminal Psychosis. This comes in a waxed 5-ounce bottle and limited to 1000 bottles.

I would give his products definitely a 5 out of five. They create all sorts of different products for the chili head in mind. Their product label is AWESOME and scary like every chili product should be. It’s also very easy to recognize on the shelf. The prices are good and shipping is fair. It arrived extremely well packed. When I mentioned to them that I was missing an item, it was immediately shipped without question. Not only that but 10% of the income produced by this company is donated to worthy charities. I really look forward to trying more of their spicy products. They have hot sauces, dipping sauces, pepper jellies, dry rubs, desert sauces, and more! Check them out at

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