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Curry With Love – Goan Curry

The Complete Menu - Curry With LoveBalti? ummmm, Bhuna? O I don’t know. How about the Dhansak? Vindaloo? Jalfrezi? O MY GOD PEOPLE HELP. If your wondering what I’m going on about it’s the menu and I am going to review one here for you now but I don’t know what to choose. I think I am going to go with the public on this one and go with Goan. This sounds like it’s the CWL top seller and although it is not number 1 on my list of their curries it’s without a doubt one of the best curries I have ever had. I used to enjoy going out for a meal down my local Indian but I can honestly say with my hand on my heart I cannot remember the last time I went.

Now it’s a quick visit down to Bury St Edmunds market on Wednesday (Outside Body shop) and Saturdays (Outside Sports direct next to where Woolworth used to be) But you can order online too. Grab curry or two and run back home. With 11 curries on offer (Well 12 if you include both the Vindaloo and vindaloo hot) and if you want more heat then grab a love bite. A pod with Naga powder locked up tight inside for all us nutters who like the extra heat beyond the realms of normal tastebuds. Being a family run business which was created by mother and daughter they are going from strength to strength. I believe Daddy plays a big part too in setting up the stall too so allowing the ladies to work their magic and get the tasters ready each time. Well now I must apologise as I have noticed I’m babbling and not reviewing, tut tut Scooby not very professional hey.

Right then, Goan Curry. £3.75 a pop which is enough for 4 people. And before you health conscious start moaning about curry not being healthy I would politely like to say shut up, sit down, and listen for one minute. These are sold s very healthy, and when you get them home you then make them as naughty or as good as you like. The Curry itself comes in two packets. Spice pack 1 consists of your spices ect that make the curry what it is and spice pack 2 has your dried onions and garlic.

Ingredients: Dried onions, Garlic, Whole black peppercorns, Sugar, Mixed spices (Corriander, Cumin, Cayenne pepper, Paprika, Turmeric, Ginger)

Nice and simple hey? It comes complete with instructions and additional ingredients to pop in too. The Goan for example needs 2Tbsp Vegetable oil, 400ml Coconut milk, 800g of meat/Veg or 400g fish/Prawns. Fresh lemon juice and 1 Tbsp of fish sauce. Obviously you add what you want from this side of things to be naughty or good but I like it as god intended, Naughty hehe. So in goes the Coconut milk.

Your talking 15 maybe 20 minutes start to finish with these curry packs and the flavours are o so good (Goosebump moment) The spices work perfect together and are complimented by the additional ingredients which I’m sorry but it had to be a meaty one. Even though it hurts me to say it but the vegetable version is just as good. I always do their Pilau rice too which again is spot on but you seriously must listen to the instructions as I found out the hard way. When it says to leave and not stir then you do so. Won’t be doing that again, Pillock. Every aspect of the curry compliments the next and tastes sublime. The spices are in a terrific blend and are all freshly made each week and natural you can even taste it. None of this junk you get in a jar from somebody like, o I dunno, Marwoods? Wink Wink I think you know what I mean.

So you think I’m being bit over the top hey? My fellow reviewer ‘Darth Naga’ has also tried these curries, he even posted this on his facebook yesterday:

Quite simply the BEST, tastiest and easy to make curry kits on the PLANET! If you’ve never had a CWL then you haven’t had a curry.

Well I think that should just about answer your questions on the sheer awesomeness of these products. O and by the way they are also offering 3 side dishes and a meat spice mix. And I hear that there may even be a venture into other areas of the curry market with new exciting products but they wont tell me exactly what, but I have an idea hehe.

So there you have it, Curry packs which are really made with love, awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

So until next time guys, remember, if it burns going in, it will burn going out.


Value *********½

And one last thing, when you order please say you heard about these guys through me! Then maybe I can wangle some freebies hahahahahaha. Laters Chilliheads!

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