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Cutting Room Floor Special Release

Dear ChiliPal,
As many of you are aware the “Cutting Room Floor” has been an incredible journey for me to look back at well over 100 Unique labels/concepts I have had in the last 17 Years. In doing so I came to the conclusion that To find only 12 labels for the 10 Cutting Room Floor Winners would mean that so many other labels and more important other Chiliheads would never see some of my wacky Ideas and thoughts. With that Said I have decided to offer 99 Sets Of “Cutting Room Floor” (These labels are Not included in the 10 Prize Sets)

They are available for order NOW at www.extremefood.com. Five Unique Bottles Signed and Numbered for only $199.95. Yes, one of the labels dates back to 1989 . I am fully aware that these bottles could be sold on Ebay and the like for at least $150 per bottle, but I feel this gives the Chiliheads who entered the contest a way to get some really awesome and unique Collectables.(Plus if you choose to sell them because want to make $$$ Good For you.) Anyone may place an order for up to 1 Set.

However, please be advised those who have submitted entries to the “Cutting Room Floor Contest” will have First right. We will keep the orders open Until 9am est. on Friday April 14th. I.E. If 200 Chiliheads order in total and 50 are from the “Cutting Room Floor Contest” 49 sets will be made available to the first 49 Chiliheads that did not enter the contest based on the time the order was placed. So that is the Deal my Friends. I am so excited for you to have these very special bottles in your Collections. All Orders will ship on or before April 26th. (Yes Including the 10 Grand Bottle Sets) All My Best Feel Alive!

Your eternal chilipal,

Nick Lindauer

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