Posted July 31, 2007 by Lee@DC in Makers

Danny Cash NOS – Endangered!

Danny Cash NOS

The Weekend of Fire is coming and everyone is going to be there except for Danny Cash Hot Sauce. Although the Cash Crew will be riding the Black Hills outside Sturgis, SD, they will be fully represented by Hot Shots Hot Sauce. That’s right, Mike and Leah will be hosting all of DC’s sauces, including sampling the Naga Sabi Bomb for those man enough to step up to the plate. So check them out and drop some bomb action.

Also, the current NOS bottles, both blue and red, will be discontinued due to rising costs in aluminum. NOS bottles are already in high demand and the Cash Crew really wishes they could keep going with it, but for now, if you ever wanted one, you better get it quick, especially the signed and numbered ones.