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Darth Naga Reviews – El’ Tel’s Black Death Sauce

Woooooooooooah!! Just in time for halloween! I have a bottle of an aptly named sauce up for video review! This one comes from a guy known as Terry who owns the “Kernow chilli farm“, for those who don’t know, “Kernow” is cornish for “Cornwall”, I bet your day is a whole lot brighter now I’ve told you that eh?

Ingredients: mango, papaya, tomato, trinidad moruga scorpions, roasted bhut jolokia powder, vinegar, brown sugar, treacle, lemon juice, salt and mixed spices.

Okay so “Black death” as it is clearly labelled is the hottest sauce to come out of the Kernow chilli farm and Im pretty sure you guys want me to shut up and get on with the video eh? In fact I would not be surprised how many of you have probably not even bothered reading this and have gone straight to the video..yep…thought so…

So there you have it, you can buy the sauce itself from either or, I believe its around £5-£6 a bottle and will go on sale around the 15th of November, but make sure you are bloody quick, its a popular sauce and sells out very quickly! Best way to keep an eye on it is to “like” the facebook page and wait for an announcement to show up in your facebook feed!

Right until the next time we meet chilli padawanz, I’m off to carve a pumpkin with my lightsaber!

May the sauce be with you, always!!!


Value *******~~~


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