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Darth Naga reviews Spicy Monkey – Rabid Monkey Sauce

Good day Chilli Padawans!! Well I have another sauce review for you today, this time it’s more of a cooking and dipping sauce as opposed to the traditional pouring sauces we usually review. It comes to us from a lovely company in Gateshead known to the chilli world as “Spicy Monkey

The company has a husband and wife team at the helm, Ian and Gemma Nixon, helped out by family members and friends too. The business got so popular in 2011 that they opened the spicy monkey shop in low fell, Gateshead, so if you live local, pop in and tell em Darth sent you!!

So as you can see from the list, this particular sauce contains extract..3 million shu’s of the bloody that immediately sends shivers up my spine..but undeterred I press on!
(blimey I make this review sound like something out of an old text adventure game on the commodore 64!)

Tomatoes, Soy Sauce, Rice Wine Vinegar, Szechuan Peppercorns, Birdseye Chilli, Naga Chilli, Ginger, Salt, Sugar, 3mil Pepper Extract

The sauce is called “Rabid Monkey” and the label on this generous jar has an image of a proper mental monkey on it, and lots of fire, so you knoooooow its going to be hot, I was prepared for this to taste like dirt because of the extract inclusion…but..well here, check the vid:

As you can see..this one is quite the scorcher! I would say your hardened chilli head could probably handle this quite nicely, seasoned and beginners though, only use this stuff a teaspoon at a time to taste, its honestly a bloody mental sauce, and well deserved of the rabid monkey imagery on the label.

The taste was very savoury, and the extract well hidden..the szechuan pepper makes this sauce feel like there is an orgy going on in your mouth, that someone then sets on fire..a grim visual, but a true one. The flavour of this stuff is amazing, no doubt helped by the szechuan pepper, there’s just something about it I can’t put my finger on!

You’ll have to go out and buy a jar of this stuff from spicymonkey to see what I mean, and at £4.45 a jar, this is an affordable, new sensation of a sauce, so grab a jar now!!
Right, until next time my chilli padawans, this is Darth Naga, the big DN signing off for another review..until then, may the sauce be with you, always!

Value ********~~


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