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Darth Naga Vs The Ribmans – Holy Fuck & Christ On A Bike

The Ribman's - Christ On A BikeeHello my chilli padawanz!! This little tale (review) begins a long long time ago, in a galaxy…hmm actually it was back in April, in london when we had the chilli boys outing (remember that video?). Anyway, while on the chilli boys outing a couple of the lads asked me if i had tried some sauces from a guy known as “The Ribman“, when i told them I hadn’t they were surprised, and told me i should get hold of him sharpish and see about reviewing his sauces!

A few days later, I spoke to the ribman over twitter and he agreed to send me a couple of sauces to try out, and he welcomed my opinion on them. Upon arrival I tasted them both and immediately noted both the heat and flavour of them, I knew these were video worthy, so I jumped on twitter and told Mark (The Ribman) that I was planning to video review them, he was chuffed to bits and thus my story begins..

Ingredients: Naga Jolokia chilli’s, Scotch bonnet chilli’s….

Bottles kindly provided by The Ribman

…and thats all I know! The Ribman keeps his recipe very secret, and with good reason! I have a feeling there are tomato’s in this and some herbs and spices, but what they might be is a mystery! The two sauces i was sent are known as “Holy Fuck” and “Christ on a bike” both are the same recipe, except that the “Christ on a bike” has 3 times as many naga’s in it…so one would assume its bloody hot!!

The Ribman has no qualms about naming these sauces as he has, if his twitter feed is anything to go by he’s a no nonsense type of guy that just enjoys cooking ribs and making hot sauce, he pulls no punches and because of this I have a lot of respect for the guy! The sauces come in two sizes, HF comes in at around 200ml and the COAB weighs in at 250ml plus its in a glass bottle, whereas the HF is in a plastic one. The sauce itself is very red, and you can easily see some herbs and whatnot floating in it, the smell is very peppery and tomato-ey (is that a word? it is now!) and the consistency is pourable, with the COAB being slightly runnier probably due to the extra naga’s in it!

Anyway, enough babbling, lets see the video review eh? that way you guys can get a real feel for the flavour and heat of these beauties!

WHOOMP there it is! As you can see, the sauces are not only tasy as heck, but bloody hot too, causing no end of hiccups and sweating for me, in smaller quantities when its added to stuff or put on things (such as rib meat wraps, rib meat burgers or ribs for example!) one would assume its a nice manageable heat with regards to the HF…the COAB i would grab if you’re a mentalist and want a sauce that is DAMN HOT but also bloody tasty to boot! AND its all natural, perfect!

As I mentioned in the video, you can buy these sauces from and they are £5 for the HF and £10 for the COAB..since this review i have visited the site and noticed that he is also doing an EVEN HOTTER sauce, called “Holy Mother of God” this is also £10 and i’m informed is the same recipe as the other two, but with EVEN more naga’s than death basically!

Right, until we meet again my chilli padawanz,and hopefully when the weather is better perhaps we shall see one another at the upcomingchilli festivals! Until then may the sauce be with you, always!!


Value *******~~~

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