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Hey HSBers – I just got this email and if you didn’t get yourself on the list of Dave’s 2006 Holiday Reserves then you wouldn’t have gotten one of these notices. Dave tells me that he is QCing the sauces this week and they should ship out soon – all 200 bottles were pre-sold!

Hi Insanity Reserve Fans,

Dave is requesting that the above be signed and sent back to us via e-mail, fax, or pigeon prior to us shipping which should be no later than late next week. Dave is testing the packing of the bottles so that they arrive to your destination intact.

If the form is not returnable signed, please acknowledge via e-mail that you have read Dave’s release form for the 2006 Super Reserve and agree to all the terms and conditions stated on the form.

INSANE thanks,

VP of Operations and Sales
Dave’s Gourmet, Inc
Palette Fine Foods and Chile Today Hot Tamale
800-758-0372 (Ext. 107)

I _____________________________ am buying some of the 2006 Dave’s Super Holiday Reserve. I understand that this is a concentrated chile extract and not a sauce. I further understand that this extract can be dangerous; should be kept away from children, pets, eyes, and people with heart or respiratory problems; can only be eaten after being diluted by a factor of 30 times; and that Dave’s Gourmet recommends that this not be eaten at all (collector’s item).

I further acknowledge that:

-Dave is a really good looking guy.
-I am above the age of 17 years old.
-I am sane and competent enough to understand this release and to handle the reserve safely.

Name & Date

Nick Lindauer

The Original Hot Sauce Blog