Posted August 18, 2012 by John Scrovak in Bloggers

De La Vega’s Green Chile Ale

John Scrovak here, continuing my secret mission around the country. Once again I find myself thrust into the nethers of the Southwest. And once again, I enjoy the hell out of it. This adventure finds me within driving distance of Las Cruces, New Mexico. Based on the word of a friend who had visited, I had to dine at De La Vega’s Pecan Grill and Brewery, home of pecan beer, and Green Chile Ale.



Beer, green chile. I don’t know, it’s beer, and it’s a secret recipe. Drink it!


It looks like a light beer, it’s pretty transparent but with a barely noticeable green hue to the ale. I couldn’t identify the scent, but it smelled unique, and distinct, almost sour. There wasn’t much head to the beer either, so it was a good pour. For more identifier (because I do spicy and BBQ, not beer), here’s the description and relevant info pulled from the website:

This beer has an unmistakable roasted chile aroma and flavor without being too hot. The whole chile is used to infuse the beer with a mild green chile flavor leaving just a hint of heat on the back end.

IBU 12, Gravity 1.010, ABV 4.67%




Unfortunately, I felt no heat. Literally none. There was flavor of green chile, sure, but I didn’t taste anything spicy. Further, there was only a vague hint of green chile. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a delicious-tasting brew, but if you’re ordering it for the green chile experience, you’re expecting Kate Upton but getting Flo from Progressive. Sure, it’s good on its on merits, but I was definitely expecting something bigger. For the heat, it’s a Mild, and for the flavor, I give it a Nominal. It’s good, but not delicious as a green chile beer. Though while you’re there, I’d recommend the fantastic Pecan Ale.

John Scrovak