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Deer Camp’s Over/Under Apple – Cranberry

Saso Sauce in the bottle
Saso Sauce in the bottle

Hello again!  I know, long time no see.  Don’t worry, I’ve missed you too.  Don’t worry, but don’t call either, because I’ll call you.  Totally.  Anyway, John Scrovak is back, hopping on the train again after a county lock-up related hiatus…  Note to all my readers: when pepper sprayed, cops HATE it when you gargle and spit back.
Anywho, down to business.  I have with me a bottle of Over/Under Apple-Cranberry from Deer Camp.  Unfortunately, I can’t find a website anywhere on the internet for them that isn’t a retailer, so I’ve linked you to the only website provided on the bottle,  a Mexican restaurant by the name of Buen Apetito.  In Maine.


Roasted Maine McIntosh apples, red Habanero peppers, apple cider, whole cranberries, apple cider vinegar, onions, lime juice, brown sugar, Agave nectar, garlic, coriander, salt, cinnamon, nutmeg.


To start, it’s in a glass flask-shaped bottle.  Good or not, this sauce will serve me well long after it’s gone.  The old-timey styled label with a camping setting is reminiscent of something you’d buy as a souvenir from summer camp.  Maybe.  I will say, after cracking the bottle open, that the smell of apples and red Habanero peppers immediately started my mouth off to watering.  It’s a thicker sauce, so some upside-down patting of the bottle will be in order.




I was surprised by the kick this bottle gave me square in the teeth.  I’m disappointed by the lack of cranberries, though.  For an Apple-Cranberry sauce, there was a surprisingly high amount of heat and low amount of cranberry flavor.  Otherwise, it made a pretty decent Apple-Habanero sauce.  It tasted like it was straight out of a cider press, but with habanero peppers thrown in.  On the heat scale, I give it a medium, and on the flavor scale, I give it a nice.

John Scrovak