Posted November 29, 2007 by Justin in Makers

Review: Defcon Creator’s Double Super Secret Experiment X-13

Defcon Creator’s Double Super Secret Experiment X-13
Defcon Habby X-13

There is no ingredient list on this bottle, but it is basically habanero’s and horseradish, there is also no website or phone number, you can no longer buy this stuff anyway, but you can get Habby horse at its $7.00 for an 8 ounce jar. I have never had Habby horse except for a small taste at jungle jims last year and I cant tell you how the heat of this one compares to the Habby horse, but it has a good heat level to it, its not insanely hot but its got a good kick. The horseradish hits you first, then the habanero. This stuff has an excellent flavor and I hope the Habby horse is really similar. I first tried it on a corn chip and I ended up eating half the jar this way, I just couldn’t stop. Every time I think about it my mouth will start salivating.

Defcon Habby X-13

For my review I bought some Arby’s sandwiches to try it on because roast beef always go’s good with horseradish, and after eating so much plain I was surprised at how little heat it lost to the food, it had about the same burn on the sandwich as it did on the chips. The flavor does not overpower the food at all, I put a lot on my sandwiches and could still taste the roast beef. I also added a little of this to some homemade salsa and I have to say that was probably the best use of it so far, it improved the flavor by 80% and doubled the heat, (it was mild to begin with) and I only added a tablespoon to a full soup bowl of salsa. This is one of the best products I have had in a while and I will definitely be buying some Habby horse after I finish some of the many sauces I have now and have a little more loot to spend.

Heat: 6/10
Flavor: 10/10
Value: since it’s no longer sold I can’t really say, but if Habby horse is half as good as this it would receive a 9/10 for the price it is listed.
Overall: 10/10 this is the first product for me to give a 10/10 on for the overall, and its well deserved, it can be used on just about anything and I highly recommend it, I know you cant buy it but if you like horseradish pick up some Habby horse.