Posted May 21, 2007 by Creator in Makers

Defcon Day – Toronto!


Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday May 26th, Toronto, Canada!!!

DEFCON storms across the border and invades Toronto!!!

Join the DEFCON Crew for a great day of wings, beer, raffles and a whole lot more! People are flying in from all over, so it’s bound to be one of the biggest hits in Defcon history!

Also, there will be a very limited ZERO release to be unveiled only at the venue!

We will be having this historic event at this address:

The Bishop and the Belcher
175 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3R8

Please check out our website for further events we will be doing throughout the summer and into the fall. Just go to www.defconsauces.com and click on “Upcoming Events”.

Also, if you have a store that you would like to see our products in, or a place that you’d like to see the Defcon Crew do a Defcon Day in, have them contact us. Be advised we are booked through September, and are confined to the east coast due to a regular 9-5 job.

We are at Defcon HQ look forward to meeting many of you this summer, and thanks once again for your interest in our products.

John & Maggie