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DEFCON Deathmatch Mark IV Cluckwing Orange Wing Sauce

DEFCON Deathmatch Mark IV Cluckwing Orange Wing SauceIs there impartiality around the Roberts homestead towards DEFCON sauces? You betcha! We are definitely a “DEFCON house”!

Now, before you rush in to figuratively lynch me and bash the above statement into thinking that I do not take my role as reviewer or critic seriously, I will certainly take a stern critical eye to the things that John and Maggie Dilley (AKA the DEFCON “Creator” and “Createss”) call into being. Their Hobby Horse and Habby Pony Sauces float around the “so-so” level in my preference (simply because I’m not a huge horseradish fan), and their Def-Konichi Asian style tipping sauce (which I believe is now defunct) didn’t exactly pop my taco.

That having been said, I don’t think any soul alive has topped DEFCON for pure wing sauce yumminess (which the exception of Ott’s Buffalo Sauce in the mild category) with the Defense Condition series, which includes Mild (#3), Medium (#2) and Hot (#1) variations. All three are superb, “must-own” products.

Now, John has developed an incendiary wing coater especially for his now-famous Deathmatch Wing Contests. Since his aim was to torture instead of wow people with their taste, this Deathmatch sauce ain’t exactly something most chileheads would sit down with when they have a hankerin’ for some flavorful chicken flappers.

Three refinements later to the Deathmatch Competition sauce line, and DEFCON has hit buffalo wing nirvana with the Deathmatch Mark IV Cluckwing Orange Wing Sauce. Not only is this by far the biggest leap forward to the Deathmatch series, but John has even bested the hallowed Defense Condition lineup. According to John, a year and a half went in the making this delicious brew, and every second spent developing it was paid off in spades for him. I’m not one to throw around accolades freely, but Cluckwing Orange is simply the best buffalo wing sauce I have ever eaten.

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