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Well, we here at Defcon HQ are sorry to say we won’t be attending the Classic Car/Motorcycle at the train station in Berkeley Heights, NJ on 7/8. This last minute change is due to the fact that it seems the township has very bizarre and quite selective regulations, and therefore there may not even be any vendors at all. Oh well, our schedule is still packed, and here’s a list of what is going on with us. As you can see, we don’t get very much sleep.


Saturday, July 14

DEFCON visits a very good friend of the Collective and his new hot sauce/cigar operation. It’ll be an afternoon of great company, a great new store, and of course, a few wings to devour

You can join the crowd at:

Fire N Smoke Shop, 96 Center Street, Southington, CT



Saturday, July 21

DEFCON crosses the Mason-Dixon Line once again and heads south to Mr. D’s, Marco’s Sauces Headquarters located at:

120 EAST OAK RIDGE DRIVE, HAGERSTOWN, MD, 21740, checkout their website at,



Saturday-Sunday, August 4-5

The DEFCON Crew enters Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield, Ohio under cover of darkness. This originally small venue has turned into nearly a trade show. This is gonna be a LOT of fun! If you have never heard of this place, you HAVE to check out the website:



Saturday, August 18

We take our show on the road again to the riverside of Brooklyn to Duff’s once again. It was a blast last year, and is now an official annual event. This is a late night event (we got home about 5:30am last year), and the clientele ranges from college kids to something out of the Mad Max scrapbook. Like last year, NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN!



Saturday, September 8th

Hillsborough Annual “No Fire, Just Smoke” BBQ Cookoff
This will be our 3rd year doing this event. This year they’ve been sanctioned By the Kansas City BBQ Association. Come on down, and consume DEFCON Wings prepared by The Creator himself, and his many turkey fryers, a true symphony of wing cooking! Some of the best slow-cooked, smoked food you’re ever gonna have. Just breathing the air in will make you hungry!

Hillsborough Township Fire Company #3

324 woods Road

Hillsborough, NJ 08844


Saturday, September 16

Well, it’s TORO LOCO in South Orange, NJ again!!!

Whoever showed up at the last one, enjoyed absolute CHAOS last time, just the way we like it! FREE wings, as usual, all afternoon, and YES a DEATHMATCH! Join us for one of our most fun events, last year was nuts, this year proves to be better!


Saturday, September 22

OK folks, this is a groundbreaking event for DEFCON, WE INVADE HOBOKEN, NJ! Man, this is gonna be a memorable one! The DEFCON Crew rolls into “TEXAS ARIZONA” bar/restaurant for an afternoon of complete chaos and a maelstrom of DEFCON Wings. Yup, there WILL be a DEATHMATCH at this venue. This appearance proves to be absolutely insane. Virtually ALL NJ trains stop at Hoboken, if you’re in the area, you have no excuse for missing this one, it’s 100 yards from the Hoboken Terminal!!!