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DEFCON Global Assimilation Tour 2008

DEFCON Global Assimilation Tour 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008, 1-4:30pm

St. James’s Gate

167 Maplewood Avenue

Maplewood, NJ 07040


We, The DEFCON Crew, in our never-ending quest to assimilate the global population into the DEFCON Continuum, will be rolling into Maplewood, New Jersey once again. Armed with the best wing sauce available on this celestial rock, we will be serving all of our exquisite products (including our newest product, The DM MKII and of course our most infamous elixir, the ZERO) to the masses for FREE once again. That’s correct, FREE WINGS for the afternoon, all you can eat! Where else is it possible to be served a wing sauce that has claimed 14 international awards in the past 3 years for FREE, and not to mention the Official Wing Sauce of the New Jersey Devils? That’s right, NOWHERE!

And as an added bonus, when you find yourself overwhelmed with culinary rapture, which of course in inevitable, you can also purchase our products on location!

Also, if we succeed in getting enough gladiators, we will also have a Wing-Eating DEATHMATCH competition as well!

Do you dare to take a place at The Table of Virtue?

We will be raffling off a bunch of stuff like t-shirts, sauce packs, etc. as well.

Come join The DEFCON Crew in our latest stop in the Global Assimilation Tour 2008! For more information regarding past events, visit our website,, and click on the “appearances” tab.