Posted August 18, 2007 by Creator in Makers

Defcon Stable Available

Greetings from Defcon HQ.

Those of you who joined us at the Weekend of Fire at Jungle Jims in Fairfield, Ohio a couple weeks ago, were the first to see these little guys. We figured many other people put together some sort of special package for the show, why don’t we? Well, The Createss has came up with this little goodie. It’s the Defcon Stable. It’s a jar of Habby Pony and a jar of Habby Horse, packaged in a cool little wooden crate, along with hay and a cute little horsie (see website for picture). The crates are each signed and numbered, as is the little horsie. The jars were made to be eaten, as they do have a shelf life, so when you’re finished with the horseradish, just put them back in their “Stable”.

Defcon Stable

There were 33 of these little guys made, and we have less than 20 remaining. They are $25.00 each plus S&H. Get them while they last!.

Here is the link to order: