Posted May 4, 2007 by Nick Lindauer in Collectibles

Defcon Zero Batch 4 – A First Look

Defcon Batch #4
Defcon Zero Batch 4

Defcon Batch #4
Defcon Zero Batch 3 & Defcon Zero Batch 4

At the filming last night, The Creator & Createss were kind enough to hand deliver to me the newest vessel of pain to adorn my personal shelf of doom. 3x as tall as Batch 3, Batch 4 comes in an etched vial, dipped in resin. The stands which hold the vials up are also signed and numbered – so you can’t get them mixed up. Payment requests will be sent soon and once payment is received, your own vial of pain will be shipped.

Limited numbers of Defcon Zero Batch 4 remain – so if you have not yet ordered one, now is your chance. Everyone will have the opportunity to order one (and only 1) and once each person has had a chance to order one, then you can go back for seconds (or thirds, fourths ect…)

Nick Lindauer

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