Posted March 31, 2007 by Creator in Collectibles

Defcon Zero Batch #4 Update

Greetings from DEFCON HQ,

I try to limit the e-mails I send to everyone so as not to become spam, but due to the overwhelming number of e-mails we have been receiving regarding the next ZERO release, The Batch #4, I felt it necessary to calm some of the fears people are having regarding acquiring one.

This release will be just like the others. If you haven’t ever been in on this, here’s how it goes. About a week before the release is made, you will receive an e-mail stating the number of ZERO’s available, final cost and approximate release date. We don’t know exactly how many of these little gems we’re going to have yet, as the harvesting of Hellspawn Essences isn’t complete yet.

When you receive the following e-mail around the end of April, the RELEASE e-mail, the frenzy will commence. To make things fair, it is strictly on a first come, first serve basis. This time it will be a little different from the last couple of releases, as we will have a link on the e-mail to a form that must be filled out completely and sent back. I am guessing we will probably have somewhere around 70 of the ZERO Batch #4’s available, maybe a couple more, maybe a couple less.

Now, to put it in perspective, we now have close to 850 people on the ZERO list (the size has more than doubled since the release of the ZERO Batch #3). Upon the release, time is of the essence! Each person will be allowed to purchase ONE of these upon release. Also, all information requested on the ZERO form must be filled out correctly, or the next person in line will receive your vessel. It may seem a bit strict, but I’m kind of trying to make it a little easier on myself, as the landslide of e-mails that pour in at the release time (ZERO hour) is mind boggling, and as you well know, it’s just myself and The Createss running the whole show here.

About a week after the release, they will be sent out Priority Mail (EMS Global Priority to international deliveries) to everyone who got one, and you will receive a tracking number. This release, as usual, will be very different from the last. These are definitely cool, and actually require minor assembly. Instructions will be provided. For those of you that have had the opportunity to taste the Batch #4’s at various events we’ve been doing as of late, this stuff is considerably hotter than the Batch #3, due to an extra processing step we kind of stumbled on.

So calm your anxieties, it’ll all be OK. In case of emergency, call Nurse Ratchet. LOL!

We here at DEFCON HQ wish you luck in your endeavor to drastically enhance your personal Shelf of Doom with this newest addition to the DEFCON Family of Exquisitely Painful Elixirs. We look forward to hearing from you on ZERO Hour.

Creator out”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦”¦