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Devil’s Dynamite – Mild Chilli Paste

This is the third Devils Dynamite paste we have reviewed, the company has a great story of how the company came about. It’s always great to see family run companies doing well and contributing to the UK Chilli Industry.

First and foremost, I really like the packaging. It has a really professional, polished quality. The red and white font works well against the green background the font also incorporates the devils tail which is a good tie in to the name. The jar also differs from the standard round shape its hexagon which I think adds to the unique nature of this product.

The product is a paste as opposed to the standard jam and has a very smooth consistency which seems extremely well blended, opening the jar the coriander and garlic stand out as the most poignant aromas coming through.


Fresh Scotch Bonnet, Chilli Powder, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Garlic, Paprika, Lemon Juice, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Fresh Coriander

It has a really deep red, crimson colour and a mild, complex taste. The scotch Bonnets work well with the garlic and I think the flavour would be best suited as a coating to meats such as chicken. This would go really well with barbecued meats. It would also make a great base to sauces, adding a spoonful to chilli and pasta dishes would really uplift a dish.

Looking on the Devils Dynamite website  there is range of 5 flavours available to buy online, Explosive Chilli, Mild Chilli, Tandoori Twist, BBQ Twist and Coconut Chilli.

 A large 180g jar retails at £5.50

Jar kindly supplied by Devils Dynamite

Value ******~~~~

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