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Devils Tongue Steak Sauce, by Ed’s Roadhouse

Here at EAT MORE HEAT, we’re no strangers to products from Ed’s Roadhouse. Longtime readers may recall that Ed’s Inferno Ghost Pepper Beef Jerky won 2011′s Friday Jerk Off, and James reviewed their Inferno Ghost Pepper & Scorpion variety just a few months ago for this year’s contest. The folks at Ed’s Roadhouse are consistently creating new and interesting flavors of jerky. But hey, did you know they also sell sauces? It’s crazy, but it’s true! I’ve got a bottle of their Devils Tongue Steak Sauce right here as proof.


Tomato Puree, Sugar, Ghost Pepper, Habanero, Chipotle, Salt, Mustard Seed, Garlic, Onion, Water, Orange, Lemon, Pineapple, Molasses, Anchovies, Pepper Extract, Citric Acid Vinegar and Natural Spices

Though the list is a little long, it’s also filled with natural ingredients, including a good selection of fruit and peppers. I still have no idea exactly what contribution anchovies could possibly make to the overall flavor, but I’m willing to roll with it.


Like a lot of steak sauces, this stuff is an appetizing shade of brown, a hue it gets from the combination of tomato puree and molasses. Plus, with all that fruit in this little bottle, the resulting mixture is thick and spreadable. You don’t want a steak sauce that is thin and runny, so that’s a great sign. Surprisingly, though, there’s no pulp to this one, despite the presence of multiple pulpy fruits.

Smell and Taste:

Devils Tongue smells a little like ketchup, thanks to the tomatoes. Still, that citrus blend and the molasses show up a bit. Overall, though, it’s pretty much a spicy, fruity ketchup in the olfactory department. What’s interesting, though, is that it tastes almost nothing like ketchup. Sure, there’s a bit of a tomato aftertaste, but the fruit and peppers hit immediately. This isn’t a sweet sauce, but it is incredibly bold. It’s the kind of sauce that can easily cover up the flavor of your food, so be conservative with it.




Considering this sauce comes from the same people who make some of the hottest beef jerky in the known universe, it should come as no surprise that this stuff packs a powerful punch. I’ll go so far as to give it a Madness, because it has both a devilish initial heat and a strong residual burn. What’s even better is that Devils Tongue Steak Sauce does not suffer from the poor flavor pitfall that plagues so many of the hotter sauces on the market. It’s actually quite Nice. Still, the flavor, as good as it is, is easily overshadowed by the incredible burn, so I advise you once again to use sparingly.

Suggested Uses:

I suppose you could put it on steak, if you want to be predictable. Consider topping a burger with it, or some ribs. Use it as a dipping sauce for jalapeno poppers (delicious), or as a sauce for tamales (fantastic). I bet it would also make a killer wing sauce, and I mean that in a rather literal sense.

Fun Fact:

This isn’t my first rodeo with Ed’s Roadhouse and the Devils Tongue Steak Sauce. I actually started buying their products before I even found this website, let alone joined the team, and one of my acquisitions was this very sauce. I was quite pleased when my most recent care package from James Wreck had a brand new bottle for me. Check out next week’s Fiery Friday, because I’ll be reviewing a sauce from Ed’s Roadhouse that is completely new to me!

Brian Sellers