Posted May 6, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Dixie' Kickin's Gourmet Seasonings

Mark DuFresne, the Drummer of Chattanooga, Tennessee’s very own National Country Recording Act ‘Confederate RailRoad’ for over 24 years, a Native of Green Bay, WI. And has also been a Cook & Grillmaster for over 35 years. March 01, 2004 he started his own local company and online business (like other Celebrities) called Dixie’ Kickin’s Gourmet Seasonings. Mark has his own line of Gourmet Seasoning Blends & Rubs and Brand New line of Spicy BBQ Sauces that he mixes and bottles himself, and has published his very own cookbook and his easy to use One Step System. Read More…

Looks like Dixie Kickin’ has a growing line of seasonings and BBQ Sauces. The BBQ Sauces don’t seem to be online right now, but I’m sure you can get some soon.

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