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Review: Doctor Craig’s Say Ahhhh Caribbean Hot Sauce

Doctor Craig’s Say Ahhhh Caribbean Hot Sauce
Dr. Craig's Say Ahhh caribbean Hot sauce

First impression: I tend to really like sauces labeled Caribbean hot sauce, I have found most sauces labeled Caribbean have more of a fresh peppers taste to them, often scotch bonnets which I love, reading the ingredients I see one ingredient that would make me put it back on the shelf if I was in a store, pineapple. I don’t like sweet sauces and it’s a safe bet if it says pineapple it is going to be sweet. The consistency doesn’t look to bad, I like my sauces a little on the thin side, and the label is just a very simple one nothing special there. From the looks of the bottle and ingredients I probably wouldn’t of bought it myself.

First smell/taste: I opened it up and smelled it, and got a strong sweetness, I can already tell this is not going to be my favorite. The sweet smell is no doubt from the pineapple, and I also smelled a tough of vinegar and garlic. I decided to cook some chicken cordon bleu. When my meal came out of the oven I put a generous helping on it right down the middle and it spread across the chicken and dripped of the sides just enough that I had an even coating of sauce and a little extra to rub each bite in. I love chicken cordon bleu and despite my low first impression of the sauce I couldn’t wait to dig in! I cut off a piece, rubbed it through the extra sauce and it was sweet, that’s all I can really say. I’m sensitive to sweets, if I’m in the mood for something sweet I have a diet coke. The first half piece of chicken was ok and actually tasted decent, on top of the ingredients you get in the smell I also tasted the onion, allspice, and a pepper that must be the chili pepper because its not fruity enough to be habanero’s. By the time I finished my first piece of chicken the sweetness was to much for me, and I was craving some heat that this sauce don’t have. By the end of the second piece I a little overwhelmed from to much sweetness. Keep in mind that a candy bar will do the same thing to me I really don’t like sweets. I’m stressing how much I dislike sweets because although I’m sure this sauce will taste sweet to anyone, you might like it more than I did if you enjoy sweet sauces. this is one thing I’m very picky about.

Dr. Craig's Say Ahhh caribbean Hot sauce

Dr. Craig's Say Ahhh caribbean Hot sauce

Recommendations: although I didn’t like this sauce, I still have a recommendation for it. it reminded me of Blair’s sweet death. If you like Blair’s sweet death I recommend this one to you!

Taste: 4.9/10 that’s based on the first bite I took before the sweetness was to much for me, and I was focusing on the flavor instead of just focusing on the one thing I didn’t like. I also want to note that the sweetness to it, is kind of a syrupy sweetness.

Heat: 1.5/10 if there is any heat here it was overpowered by the sweetness and lost in the mix.

Smell: 2/10

Overall: 2/10 I wont finish this bottle and definitely wouldn’t buy it again. Keep watch for my review on Doctor Craig’s Cajun hot sauce though!

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