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Doritos Dynamita: Chile Limón flavor

Studio edit: They taste like salty, whole corn Fruity Pebbles.

Director’s cut: I like Post Fruity Pebbles, but I don’t want my “Mexican” themed snacks to taste like an American pop-culture breakfast item. I was skeptical about this gimmicky offering from Frito Lay, but I like most of their other products well enough, so I gave it a shot. Besides, I’m not a food snob, so anything that purports to be even a little spicy is fair game for this blog.

Despite the Dynamita’s freakishly red aspect and remarkably inauthentic flavor, one of the questions I always consider when appraising a product is whether or not I would buy it again. I can safely say that I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice and purchase Doritos Dynamita again, at least not this particular offering in the line. The Chile Limón flavor is okay if you like the idea of eating dry, salty, whole corn fruity breakfast cereal, but for me this is an experience I don’t care to repeat. However, the experience of eating these brought back vague, half-remembered images (dreams, perhaps?) of a short-lived cereal, I think it was in the mid-70s, called Captain Salty’s Deep Sea Corn Loops. I can’t imagine why this cereal didn’t become a hit, but I think the main reason for Captain Salty’s downfall was that the actor who played Captain Salty for the Saturday morning show tie-in had been apprehended for keeping a small Chinese woman locked in his basement. Yeah…yeah, it was probably that, or the fact the cereal probably tasted like a Slim Jim. Hmmm, come to think of it, maybe I just didn’t give Doritos Dynamitas much of a chance. Maybe they would be more at home in a bowl of 2% milk with a glass of orange juice on the side. Wait…that’s just gross.

You can actually O.D. on Red #40 just lookin’ at ‘em.

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