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Dr. Scoville’s Cooling Tabs

Dr. Scoville's Cooling TabsHere’s another item from a spicy food company vying for our attention to receive private funding through a site such as KickStarter or Indiegogo. This one’s from Jon Whaley of the Scoville Food Institute, for whom I’ve reviewed three of his hot sauces plus his Cheddar Habanero Kettle Cooked Potato Chips. This one is called Dr. Scoville’s Cooling Tabs, pills designed to take away the feeling of fire brought on by capsaicin. Since I have not tried these pills, I cannot speak on the effectiveness of these. But since I want to report on everything in the fiery foods world, I wanted to bring these to your attention.

Below is the copy found on the Dr. Scoville’s Cooling Tabs Indiegogo Page, where you can donate to the cause if you wish…

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