Posted May 25, 2006 by Anthony in Reviews

Duff’s Famous Wings – Honey Hot Sauce Review

You may remember the review I did on Duff’s Famous Wings a few months ago. If not you can go here to refresh your memory. I recently had the opportunity to talk with Rob (one of the owners) and give my perspective on how I think they rate their scoville units. What followed was a great conversation with a man who has passion for his clients and the best wings around. For Rob, not being one to indulge in the hot stuff himself, I have to say he makes a mean recipe.

I told Rob that I write for HSB and one of the waitresses asked if I had tried their new sauce – Honey Hot Sauce. I said I hadn’t so she gave me a sample to review. Hence why you are reading this. I have to be honest, my first impression of this was YUMMMMMMMM. It looks great, smells great, and has a pleasant consistency. Kind of watery, but you know it will stick to the chosen food source. Duff’s never skimps out on the sauce and their new sauce was a honey filled masterpiece. This is a sweet sauce with only a little heat to it.

Duff's Honey Wing Sauce

Since I didn’t have any wings at home (maybe I should go back to Duffs to try this sauce as it is supposed to be tried) I decided chicken nuggets and chicken strips would be ideal for the field test. This 2oz little portion that they gave me didn’t last long. As for the heat…..well there really wasn’t any. But that’s ok. The sweet taste and velvety texture made up for the lack of heat. I am hesitant to say it was similar to a Sweet & Spicy Thai sauce but it had enough character to remain westernized.

Duff's Honey Wing Sauce

Duff’s has the knockout two punch combo. Not only do they cook their wings perfectly, they make the perfect sauce for their wings. After tasting this, another visit is warranted to just go and have this how it should be tried. You would think that with such a good product in their sauces that they would think about bottling it and selling it. If not for mass consumption (pun intended) then as a keepsake for the thousands of people that walk through their doors each week. My 2oz sample was enough for one meal and I want more damn it!

If there are HSB readers out there that would like a sampling of some of Duff’s Famous Wing Sauce let me know. If there is enough demand perhaps I can talk to the owners to see if they can put some in a bottle and I can send it out to you (let’s say the first 10 requests). Until then you have to travel to Toronto or Buffalo to try their legendary wings.

Packaging 0/10 – Not Applicable
Aroma 8/10
Appearance 8/10
Taste 9/10
Heat 2/10
Overall 8.5/10