Posted October 13, 2012 by John Scrovak in Bloggers

Eagle Wingz Extreme Sauce

It’s unusual for me to do a review of two products from the same vendor two weeks in a row, but honestly, I’m searching through my sauces, and I believe this is the last sauce I have to review!  Well, except for a particular chili mix that came in merely days ago, which will be reviewed next weekend.  And yours truly will have the first review!  Look forward to that. Anyway, you may remember my last review of an Eagle Wingz product and how much I loved it.  This is their “Extreme” sauce, which suggests it is the Eagle Wingz sauce for true chileheads.  Let’s see if she’ll cut the mustard!


Red Cayenne Peppers, Distilled Vinegar, Water, #1 Grade Mustard Seed, Celery Seed, Salt, Black Pepper, Paprika, Turmeric, Capsaicin, Garlic Powder.


The bottle looks identical, or at least the label does.  No, it looks almost identical.  This has the original label, but with a blue ‘EXTREME’ stamped across it.  Even the ingredients look identical, except there’s the addition of capsaicin to this particular bottle.  Comparatively, the sauces appear to be the same color and consistency, with no real visible difference.  If capsaicin is the only change, it really wouldn’t be that visible.  Well it would, but only if they dumped a butt-clenching load into the sauce, which would probably destroy the previously acclaimed flavor balance.  In fact, even opening the bottle and smelling it, the sauce smells the same.




I have to give this sauce the same rating as the previous sauce.  Despite the addition of capsaicin, I don’t taste any increased heat level.  I would almost say the change in label was a gimmick, but capsaicin is listed on the ingredients above garlic, so by FDA regulations, it contains more than the quantity of garlic.  I really wanted to Eat More Heat but, despite overt promises, this product failed to deliver.  I would knock the flavor rating down a peg due to my disappointment, but I can’t.  It tastes too good.

John Scrovak