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eBay Auction: The Blane Hot Sauce Set

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As a member of THE HOT SAUCE BLOG, we have met many great new friends, it is a family community, and as such, we all seem to be 1st in line to help our family when in need or a special occasion happens.

Brant and Christy Lane joined the blog about the same time we did. Blane, ( Brant ), has made so many of us laugh with his wit and funny comments. Blane has purchased all of us bloggers products, sent us all his famous bacon and meatballs, supported all of us in so many ways they can’t all be mentioned here without writing a book.

A sad event happened over the Christmas Holidays. The Lanes home was severely damaged in an ice storm. Thankfully, everybody is safe and sound, but the house is bad. As a fellow homeowner, I understand that even with homeowners insurance, there are always costs, expenses, and a great amount of work and headaches involved. No insurance policy could come close to solving all the problems.

This 1 of a kind set of sauce is our offering to help out in our own small way.

Included is 1 of each of our product line. As a bonus, included is a GIANT 1000 ml bottle of Red Savina ( tm ) mash, blended with Red Jalapenos, Red Cayenne Peppers, and 4,000,000 extract. There are only 3 of these in existance, we were saving them for a special situation, and this is the #1 of the 3. Also, included, is my personal set of double signed Illegal Alien hot sauce, ( these just got signed by David Curtis last week) and is only 1 of 4 signed sets available, the other 2 were sent to HSB’s this week also, and David Curtis owns the last one.

Finally, all 4 of our DITD line, and our 1st foray into the green sauce market, the Southwest Series. Every bottle in this auction is signed by me. 100% OF THIS AUCTION WILL GO THE THE LANE FAMILY !!!

eBay Auction Here

Nick Lindauer

The Original Hot Sauce Blog