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Empanada Mama

Now admittedly I’m jealous of Biggles and his door to door tamale service – but I’ve found something to appease my green monster. Door to door empanada delivery. Empanada Mamma now ranks in the Top 5 of our take out menu drawer.

Ordering from Empanada Mama is simple, with each empanada costing between $1.75 to $3.00 and delivery taking between 10-15 minutes. The wife and I order 3-4 each and usually have 2-3 leftover for the next day. So far we’ve tried just about all of them, with the Wheat Flour Chicken and Beef being our favorites. The Wheat Flour Beef Empanada uses shredded beef instead of the ground beef used in the corn flour empanada pictured below.

Wheat Flour
Beef – Shredded beef that’s nice and juicy. Excellent with a good habanero hot sauce.
Chicken – Shredded chicken but sometimes comes with peas. Good but not as juicy as the beef.
Cheese Steak – Reminds me of a hot pocket, but better – Good cheese sauce and peppers.
Pizza mozzarella & tomato – This one might as well be a hot pocket.
Hawaiian ham, cheese & pineapple – The pineapple in this is too sweet, almost makes a dessert empanada
Cuban ham, pork, & cheese – Good basic ham and cheese.
Polish keilbasa & sauerkraut – I loved this one, but the wife wasn’t too keen on it.
Elvis peanut butter & banana – You can check it out in the picture below, but this one was much tastier then it looks.

Corn Flour
Beef – I love the corn flour, but the ground beef in this one just doesn’t work for me.
Chicken – Tasty, but not much different then the wheat flour chicken.
Sausage – I was expecting more from this one, sausage was not impressive at all.

Beef Corn Flour Empanada
Corn Flour Beef Empanada
Beef Corn Flour Empanada - Eaten
Beef Empanada Close Up

Beef Corn Flour Empanada with green sauce
Empanada Mamma provides a nice green sauce with each order, but I’m not sure what it’s made of. Mystery sauce but it’s tasty.

Cuban Empanada
Wheat Flour Cuban Empanada

Cuban Empanada Eaten
Close Up of a Cuban

Elvis Empanada
Elvis is alive and well at Empanada Mama

If your in New York City, make sure you get some empanadas delivered asap and ask for extra green sauce. You can tell them to leave the red sauce, it’s pretty forgettable.

Nick Lindauer

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