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Epic Valley Salsa

Salsa with Altitude
Epic Valley Salsa

Now, I may not like tomatoes, but I sure do love a good batch of salsa. Here in NYC, if your order chips and salsa with your meal you are playing Russian taste bud roulette. You never know what the chef’s in the kitchen will try to pass as salsa.

So I’ve turned to mail order salsa. No more risking a good meal with mediocre salsa, no sir, not when I can get good salsa delivered to my house for less then the cost of two cocktails. I’ve been a devote fan of Salsa de Rosas fresh salsas, frankly I love having 64oz. containers of salsa in my fridge – they never stick around long.

A little while back, Sean Sorrin from Epic Valley Salsa contacted me about reviewing his new line of salsas.

Salsa from Colorado?” I thought to myself, “oh well, can’t be as bad as the stuff here in New York“.

Then, low and behold, 2 jars of Epic Valley Salsa show up at my door – one Mild and one Hot. Naturally I went straight for the hot one.

Epic Valley HOT Salsa
Ingredients: Tomatoes, carrots, onions, green peppers, garlic, cilantro, red wine vinegar, salt, habanero powder and spices.

Now that’s what a good salsa should have in it. Not anything fake, just real honest ingredients. The habanero provides just enough heat to make you sit up and take notice – but not enough to scare you away from another chip. In fact, the entire jar won’t last you long, so it’s best you order two.

Once I polished off the HOT, I moved onto the Mild – but that was where I went wrong. The Mild has the same great flavor as the Hot – just not enough heat for a chilehead like myself. The wife loved the Mild so much that before I could add a little bit of heat to it, she took the jar and forbade me to modify it.

Sean & Corey started bottling their salsa in the winter of 98-99, producing about 6 cases of salsa a day. These days the guys are making 100 cases of their Epic Valley Salsa a day – selling to health food stores, specialty stores and gourmet food stores within 100 miles of their Crested Butte Location. Fortunately the guys also sell their salsas online, which allows folks outside of Colorado to enjoy these fresh (and preservative free) salsas around the world.

Epic Valley Salsa
PO Box 615 | Salida, CO | 81201

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