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ErricJ’s Hot Sauce Collection

My interest in extremely [tag]hot sauces[/tag] began when I was introduced to Dave’s Insanity Sauce in 1995. I tried it and it blew me away with its heat. I used to get friends and coworkers to try it (after strongly warning them of the heat level expected of course). I would then thoroughly enjoy myself when they would consume more than they could handle. I also did this with some Blair’s 4AM. Some people can’t resist a challenge. I first started collecting by saving empty hot sauce bottles sometime in 1996. In 1997 my real hot sauce collection began when I concluded that saving full unopened bottles of hot sauce would be cooler than empty bottles.

Erric J's Hot Sauce Collection

I started traveling a lot in 97 with my business. Everywhere I would go, St. Louis, Baltimore, DC, Phoenix, Hawaii, USVI, I would get some sauce. My friends and relatives thought that it was pretty cool that I was collecting hot sauce. None of them had ever heard of anyone collecting hot sauce. They soon began to support my hot sauce habit by giving me hot sauce on different occasions like Christmas, Birthday, Valentines Day or just whenever they came across some.

I quickly realized that there are thousands of brands of hot sauces available. I decided that to make my collection more interesting and valuable I would have to put some limits on it. I chose to collect limited editions, extremely hot sauces and spices, uniquely packaged sauces and sauces that were produced in locations that I traveled to.

My collection now stands in excess of 300 bottles of hot sauces, salsas, condiments, and spices. It started with one bottle of Dave’s Insanity Sauce. I eat hot sauce and spice as well. This has caused some reduction in the number of my collection. I’m supposed to replace the ones that I eat but I haven’t managed to get to them all yet. My wife has caught the fever and began to collect mini bottles of sauce.

Erric J's Hot Sauce Collection

My first Blair product was a bottle of Possible Side Effects that I picked up in St. Louis. It was one of the very first bottles in my collection. I have my most prized items displayed in a 5 layer curio cabinet. The layers are named according to the theme of sauces displayed. The top level is the Insane Asylum. It consists of mostly Dave’s and Original Juan products. The second level is the Extreme Heat section. It contains some of the hottest sauces not made by Dave, Original Juan or Blair. The fourth level is the EJ’s Travels section. It consists of sauces picked up in my travels. The fifth and bottom level is where I keep my uniquely packaged sauces and some limited edition sauces. Last but certainly not least is the third and center level known as Death Row. This is where I display all my Blair’s sauces. This section also contains my most prized bottle, the Blair’s 4 A.M. Private Reserve Number 1 bottle. My other prized bottles include the #1 Blair’s 6 A.M. reserve, #3 5A.M, a 93 and a 94 vintage Blair’s After Death both signed by Blair and the vintage 93 Original Death #10. Death Row is expanding.

Erric J's #1 4AM

Erric J's #1 6AM

Erric’s Collection of Numbered Blair’s Items:

  • Blair’s Sexabi Sauce Medium – # 1
  • Blair’s Sexabi Sauce Mild – # 1
  • Blair’s Sexabi XXX Sauce – # 1
  • Blair’s 4 A.M. Private Reserve, Pepper Extract (with skull) – # 1 / 999
  • Blair’s 6 A.M. Private Reserve, Pepper Extract (with skull) – # 1 / 999
  • Blair’s Holiday Reserve 2005 – # 10 / 99
  • Blair’s 16 million Private Reserve, Pepper Extract (with skull) – # 11 / 999
  • Blair’s Halloween Reserve 2005 – # 121 / 299
  • Blair’s 3 A.M. Private Reserve, Pepper Extract (with skull) – # 1237
  • Blair’s Caldera Private Reserve, Pepper Extract (with skull) – # 169 / 499
  • Blair’s 5 A.M. Private Reserve, Pepper Extract (with skull) – # 3 / 999
  • Blair’s Holiday Reserve 2004 – # 49 / 299
  • Blair’s Halloween Reserve 2004 – # 50 / 99
  • Blair’s Mega Death Extreme Hot Sauce Pre-release (with skull) – # 71 / 73
  • Blair’s 2 A.M. Private Reserve, Pepper Extract (with skull) – # 8219
  • Blair’s Original Death Hot Sauce 1993 – #10/22
  • Blair’s N-59 Reserve – #43 / 59

Erric & Blair

Do you have a hot sauce collection (or single item) that you’d like to show off? Send it in! Hot sauce collection submissions can be sent to nick ‘@’ – you can also check out the previous submissions in our Hot Sauce Collectors Corner.

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