Posted October 8, 2007 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Ethnic condiments gaining popularity over traditional toppings

Short little blurb in the Dallas news today on hot sauce – nice to see MoHotta getting some press.

“(Hot sauces) are becoming more condiment like,” says Jim Kelley, founder of Savannah, Ga.-based hot sauce dealer Mo Hotta Mo Betta. “They are becoming something that you can eat at every meal. They are hot, but not so hot that they burn you.”

That helps explain how they’ve grown into a $156 million industry. Kelley says sales of his hot sauces have grown from about 75,000 bottles a year when he started to more than half a million, with nearly a third of the growth coming during the past two years.

Innovative hot sauces now comes spiked with all manner of seasonings, including wasabi, habanero, even pineapple.

Read the entire article here.

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