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Evil Bastard Hot Sauce Review

Hello Chili Heads!

Just received a HUGE package from Hell Fire Sauce Company and have opened it to find myself in the possession of a wonderful array of hot sauces. They were all very carefully wrapped and to my amazement each had a top that was hand dipped in brightly colored wax.  Now, I have tried last year’s production and was amazed by the flavor. They were thick, spicy, tangy, and best of all, HOT! So when I was placing my order, I felt like a kid in a candy store. I knew that no matter what I picked…the sauce was going to be good! The titles on the loudly colored labels only gave hints to what you might find inside. Some of these were called Evil Bastard, Devils Revenge, Pure Hell, Extreme Heat and more. The Chili Master even makes “Special Reserves” that are hand sculpted bottles for collectors as well.  One might wonder if this is some dark cult sauce made with just the tinniest essence of the devil himself. Believe it or not, I have actually been emailed and asked if this was the case by several people. Though I was tempted to say YES! And be VERY afraid! I simply responded that this is intelligent chili head marketing in the making. For me, a good “extreme heat sauce” always makes me think twice about consuming…until I taste it and the endorphins start flowing. Flavor always trumps fear when it comes to consuming the “super” hot sauces.
So as I sorted out the bottles and put them away for use later this year I stopped at one that caught my eye. It had a double-waxed top with a blue base coat and a crimson red topcoat. The picture on the label was of the most sinister clown I had ever seen.  Most might assume that all clowns are happy and ready to squirt you in the nose with their little lapel flower. Well, not this one. Yellow teeth with red gums, horns rising out of the top like a demonic warlord. This sauce is called…

Evil Bastard
2012 Special Reserve


Well, when it comes to spicy ingredients…this sauce has it! Bhut Jolokia Pepper (Almost 1 million Scoville Units), 7-Pot Peppers (Over a million Scoville Units), Trinidad Scorpion Peppers (Around 1,463,700 Scoville Units), Chocolate Habanero Peppers (100,000–350,000 Scoville Units.), and Japone Peppers (25,000 Scoville Units) are all to be found in this 5 oz bottle of flavored napalm. Looking in from the outside gives me no clue as to how hot it is. The color of the sauce is nice reddish brown and the consistency looks perfect.  The peppers are grown organically on the Chili Masters property. Each batch is small and hand made. You can find him in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin brewing up hotter and more flavorful batches right now, but I shall warn you—The sauces sell out and when they are gone, it’s over until harvest time next year.

So I grip the bottle and twist with all my might…nothing. This cap doesn’t want to open! So out come the machete (no girlie knife for me!) and I make short work of the wax top. As I take a deep breath, inhaling the spicy, fruity, sweet contents of the bottle, I am surprised to find my sinuses instantly tingling with heat. This sauce is going to be hot I think. It smells good. I give it a good shake and pour some out. My first impression is that the sauce doesn’t separate quickly and there are bits of peppers and spices floating in it. The sauce is a bit on the thin side so watch out when you pour it. The heat comes on quick and builds! The flavor is pleasant and has a sweet introduction; then it is all about the heat!! This sauce is an 8 or 9 out of 10 on the heat scale. It has not given me the hiccups that a lot of super hot sauces do but my tongue is definitely seared. Oops, scratch that last statement… hiccups have arrived and I am drooling profusely! The heat is over the top! This is definitely one of the spiciest sauces that I have tried this year. I can’t wait to try this sauce on a plateful of tacos and the other super spicy dishes that I enjoy.

Thank you Chili Master for selling me some great products. For all you Chili Heads out there…If you are looking for a HOT sauce and want something that combines flavor and heat, check out for some cool “hot” products. Another one of my favorites that he makes is called Blueberry Hell. Good stuff! So keep it hot and keep it spicy. Most of all…ENJOY!

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