Posted June 15, 2007 by Anthony in Makers

Extreme sauce, Extreme generosity

Extreme sauce, Extreme generosity.

There are some special goings on at Jungle Jim’s “Weekend of Fire”. Mr Blair Lazar, creator of some of the finest and hottest sauces on the planet, is announcing a special deal for those planning to attend the Midwests’ biggest chile pepper event. This doesn’t invovle ‘discounted prices’ or ‘special offers’ but rather a chance to help out the efforts in an unbelievable fashion.

Due to a scheduling conflict, Mr Lazar has known that he would not be able to attend the show in person. In conversations with him this evening, he has offered that Jim Campbell man the booth for him. In return he is going to donate 100%- every penny- of the sales generated that weekend to the StepUp Charities. You pay $5 for a bottle of
hotsauce- $5 goes to the charity.

Such an offer speaks volumes to the character of the man widely known as the most collectable of hot sauce makers. While his reputation is widely known as the maker of the worlds’ hottest sauces, no less so should be his reputation as one of the most generous people on earth!

Additionally, he has promised that many of the bottles available for purchase will be signed.

Please, if you are down at Jungle Jim’s that weekend, stop in and buy!