Posted March 2, 2008 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Events

Fiery Foods Show 2008 – Sunday


Sunday, March 2
9am-11am, trade only
11am-6pm, trade and general public

The light at the end of the tunnel is fast approaching. According to Dave Dewitt, they had record numbers through the doors yesterday and if that’s any indication of how busy it will get today – that line will be out past the parking lot – again! Last night was the annual dinner at El Pinto which led into a night of drinking at the roof top bar until they kicked us out at closing time. I might not get the chance to do an update again today as I’ll be running folks to the airport and trying to checkout – but I will get all the pics on Flickr when I get to a normal internet connection (won’t work here in the hotel). And also, if you have pictures that you want to share with everyone – just let me know and we’ll get them up and online.

Happy show day Sunday everyone!

Nick Lindauer

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