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Fiery Furnace 2006 Hot Sauce

Fiery Furnace 2006 Hot SauceIngredients: Water, Pineapple juice, O/R Capsicum, Red Cayenne Pepper, Vinegar, Salt, Habanero Peppers, Sugar, Mangos, Black Pepper, Xanthan Gum, Propylene Glycol Alginate, Erythorbic Acid to promote color retention.

Whenever I see Pineapple juice and capsicum used together in a hot sauce, I’m always reminded of Da’ Bomb Ground Zero. Da’ Bomb Beyond Insanity uses orange juice as well.

Now, when faced with an extract sauce, how do you go about eating it? Personally, I use a toothpick to initally taste and then from there I try to figure what I’m going to eat it on.

Fiery Furnace
uses 500,000 scoville extract so it’s not something to be messed with. I approached the bottle carefully, using an exacto knife to carefully cut the outside seal. I removed the lid and took a big whiff. BIG Mistake. I inhaled a bit too much and started coughing up a storm. Once the fit passed I dipped a toothpick into the bottle and said my prayers.

The heat hit my throat first before spreading to my tongue and then my lips. In less then 3 seconds my mouth was indeed a Fiery Furnace. After about 45 more seconds the heat was gone and I was left with a smoldering tongue.

Flavor-wise Fiery Furnace is just like any other extract hot sauce, all heat and no flavor. Well, there’s a flavor there – the flavor of extract.

$14.99 each for a bottle of sauce that’s going to last anyone a long time. Unless your like me and dump 1/2 into a vat of chilli. The entire vat took on a lava like appearance and it almost took 4 grown men out at the knees. Bathrooms across Manhattan became battlefields on Monday- God Bless Sunday Football & Chili.

Fiery Furnace is a great sauce for this purpose – adding extreme heat without altering the flavor.

Nick Lindauer

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