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Fire Foods – Naga Lime Pickle

Nick Woods, or Woody as he is better known runs Fire Foods with his wife Zoe. They have created a large product range since they started the company. Not only is the product range large, it is also very diverse with all manner of usually mundane larder items being given the Fire Foods makeover, from Firemite to their own Chilli Vodka, there should be something to appeal to even the most timid of chilli tasters!

This review is for Naga Lime Pickle, Woody’s take on the Indian Restaurant staple. Lime Pickle itself is a product that many people do not like and I have to admit that it’s a taste that has grown on me over the years. But there is one thing that can improve a lime pickle and that’s the heat level, and seeing as this has Naga in it, I know that I should be happy in that department!

The Jar used is their usual Hexagonal shaped jar which makes a change from a standard round jar and the labelling is designed to make use of the angles, the now familiar Fire Foods logo and the tag line “unleash the heat” sit nicely on one face. The label is glossy, colourful and has a very polished look to it.


 Lime (70%), Salt, Oil, Mustard, Fenugreek, Chilli Powder, Chilli Extract, Acetic Acid, Turmeric, Asafoetida, Coriander, Cumin

 Jar kindly supplied by Fire foods.

Once open, that familiar smell hits me and my mouth immediately salivates and I wish I had some poppadum’s in the house! The lime comes through strongly, which shouldn’t be a surprise as its 70% limes.

The texture is great, very thick and nice big chunks of lime in the curry mixture.Tasting the pickle, I get the zing of the citrus on my taste buds, the sourness, the Indian spices and then the heat.

The heat is not the “blow your head off” type of heat that you might expect and it’s a good job too as the Naga would have to fight against some pretty strong flavours. The ingredients list mentions Chilli Extract, which has struck fear into many a Chile Head and conjures up visions of stomach cramps but as mentioned the heat here will not cause you pain, it will light up your tongue and tell your brain that something is going on but stays well behaved!

My only criticism (and its a tiny one) would be with regard to the Salt content; it is second on the ingredients list and does seem to taste quite salty. I understand that to make Lime Pickle, the Limes have to be salted for some time to soften them, so I suppose it’s an inevitable outcome, although this pickle is slightly saltier than others I’ve tasted. It might just be this batch. I always thought that the curry houses made it saltier to get you to buy more drinks!

You can buy Naga Lime Pickle from Fire Foods website priced at £4 for a 230g  jar.


Value *******~~~


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