Posted July 21, 2007 by CaJohn in Makers

Flavor and Fire!

Check ou CaJohn’s Flavor & Fire Blog – it’s brand spanking new and sure to be a wealth of information.

Flavor and Fire is sponsored by CaJohns Fiery Foods Company. It’s intent is to be a site where we can keep our patrons up to date on the latest news involving CaJohns products and events. We will be posting product announcements, collectable information, event schedules and post-event reports. We will share recipes (both fiery & tasty), highlight some of our favorite friends, plus provide a few insights into what we’re all about. I hope you enjoy this opportunity to get to us a little better and share some of your thoughts and experiences with us. We will be adding a picture page and a video page in the near future. Please come back and visit us often!