Posted June 29, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Food Network TV Pilot Idea

While recuperating this weekend, I was laying in bed watching Food Network and finding my mind wandering to the point of pondering why there are no hot food specific shows on the Food Network? Here’s what I have in mind:
General Concept: 30 Minute TV Show featuring Hot Foods
Detailed Concept:
Show segments will include cooking spots, information segments and related reports/items. Cooking segments can be further broken down into the cooking with category and the how to make category. For instance: Cooking with Hot Sauce Brand A. and Making Your Own Hot Sauce.
Information segments can include visiting manufacturers, visiting retail locations, history of, touring hot spots etc…
Related reports and items can include related spicy items, festivals etc…

Now, I have no idea on how to pitch this concept to the Food Network folks, so if you do, please let me know! I watch the Food Network about 60% of my total TV watching time in a month so as a pretty avid watcher and hot foods fan, I find myself digging through the TiVo guide for anything spicy, no matter the show. Yes, I have ventured over to the travel channel to pick up John Ratzenberg’s (Cliff from Cheers) visit to Avery Island. I would love to have anything spicy given its own show. There’s BBQ with Bobby Flay, why not Nick’s Spice of Life?
There’s only so much I can take of:
Rachel Ray’s Far to many hand gestures while talking 30 minute meals
Sandra Lee’s Never in my life will I decorate that much Semi Homemade
Paula Deen’s I feel my arteries constrict by simply watching an episode Home Cooking
Iron Lost in translation Chef

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