Posted July 11, 2005 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

For chili heads, the hotter, the better

By Lori Ann Chauvette
Staff Writer

PLYMOUTH — From jalapenos and cherrys to cayennes and habaneros, for someone who has a taste for hot foods — the hotter the better.

Throughout the country, those with a taste for hot and spicy food are finding people with similar interests in either small groups or online. Various Internet Web sites sell hot sauces to customers that they wouldn’t find in your average supermarket. With names like Scorned Woman, Pit Bull and Dave’s Insanity, the average chile head is guaranteed to find a sauce that will suit their particular tastebuds. Looking at the names of some of the hot sauces, such as Slap My [Butt] And Call Me Sally and Flippin’ the Bird, one can see why some of them only tend to be carried online. Read More…

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