Posted May 29, 2008 by Nick Lindauer in Makers

From a Reader: Blair’s Reserves for Sale

I have a 4am reserve (# 408) a 5am (# 913) and a 6am (# 220) that I unfortunately need to part with. They are all in perfect mint condition, no cracking or broken wax. They all come in their original plastic cases and still have the warning stickers on top of the actual bottles. The only thing wrong with any of them is that the person who had the 4am before me took the sticker off and put it back on, so it isn’t stuck on quite as well as originally was (if that is even something that would break a deal). I don’t have any pictures unfortunately, but if someone is serious and a picture is the only thing preventing the deal from going through, I can work something out. I just don’t plan on taking pictures for the hell of it since they were carefully packed up with tissue paper and bubble wrap after I last inspected them for flaws. I’d like to get $950 shipped for the lot. If people just want individual bottles and I am able to unload all 3 then I will split them up and negotiate prices with the respective buyers. I will entertain _all_ offers, but don’t expect to hear back from me if you plan on trying to lowball me. I am not accepting any trades, if my creditors accepted hotsauces, I wouldn’t be trying to sell these 😉 Thanks and God bless.


If you are interested, please use the contact form below and we’ll get you in touch with Joe.

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