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Garden Updates & More

Whew, what a busy two weeks it’s been! Just got back from getting one of our dogs from the vet – she tried to jump the fence after a squirrel but got caught on the fence – she’s fine, just recovering with stitches now – but it was a less then restful night for us. Easter came and went – we had a BBQ with a bunch of friends over – I don’t remember the majority of the evening, so it must have been good. Cooked up some ribs and wings for Easter brunch – not traditional, but well received.

On the garden front – it’s t-minus 2 weeks till pepper time! I’ve confirmed the deliver with ChilePlants.com and the peppers will be arriving soon. I’ve been spending my weekends outside – planting & mulching our front and back yards.

So far, the garden has been planted with:
5 Cilantro plants
2 Purple Basil Plants
Tons of Sweet Basil (started from seed)
3 Garlic Chive Plants
3 Dill Plants
3 Greek Oregano Plants
6 Watermelon Plants
2 Cantaloupe Plants
6 Cucumber Plants
Sweet Corn (seeds)

Nick's Garden 2008
Herbs & Misc.

2 Rutgers Select
4 Roma Plum
2 Brandywine
2 Super Select

Nick's Garden 2008

Nick's Garden 2008

This last Saturday, I got up early and headed out to Lowes to pick up a garden gate – I had previously tried a dinky wire mesh one but the dogs both slipped right through it, so I had to upgrade. This gate system was super easy to install and fairly cheap. And most importantly, it can withstand the soccer ball that the dogs play with and they can’t fit through the uprights. Plus it prevents they from trouncing all through the beds.

Nick's Garden 2008

Nick's Garden 2008
Lemon & Lime Trees

In other gardening news – I also planted a Meyers Lemon tree and transplanted our Mexican Lime tree. It had been getting run over by the dogs and has not yet given us a single lime, but with the move to a raised container – it’s already flowering and looks promising. Once the peppers come in, I’ll just need to buy some onions and I’ll have everything I need for some great salsa (may even try growing some).

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