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Gatorman Bayou-Hazard Wings

Gatorman Bayou-Hazard Wings
By: DK

1. Wings
2. CaJohn’s 10 Wing Sauce
3. Defcon Wing Sauce (3, 2, or 1. Your choice)
4. 12 pack PBR

This one’s a doozy, so pay close attention. Recipe is for a single serving. Multiply as needed for anyone with the nuts to join in. Make sure they bring extra PBR.

Step 1: Hit the Drive-Thru at your local Zaxby’s (any wing joint will do, preferebly one that deep fries their wings with no batter.) and order 20 wings, plain, no sauce. This step is more difficult than it sounds. It required me to repeat my order twice at the speaker, and then very slow enunciation when I received the wings and they were sauced (DOH!). A puzzled look by the drive-thru personnel is normal even when this step is completed perfectly the first time. An alternative to this step would be to just deep fry your own wings and continue to step 2.

Step 2:
Mix equal parts Defcon Wing sauce and CaJohn’s 10 Wing sauce in large container. One with properly fitting lid would be preferrable, although not required. (see step 4)

Step 3: Add wings from step one while they are still hot from the fryer. Cooking your own will be a bonus here if the closest wing joint is two counties over, but using an extra large propeller on your air boat will work if you choose the preferred take out option.

Step 4: Shake container to completely coat wings with sauce mixture. Once shaken, retrieve them from the floor, counter, behind the microwave, etc. and apply lid to bowl to allow sauce to warm with the wings. Now you see why I said the lid was preferable in step 2. The wings can be eaten once shaken, but allowing the sauce to warm really brings out the flavor. After sitting for about 1 minute, proceed to step 5.

Step 5: Serve ’em up, and eat ’em up. But watch out, they’ve got quite a bite! Enjoy!

Gatorman Wings

Gatorman Wings

PS: If you have to ask what to do with the PBR, repeat step 1, but order with sauce instead of plain. Then just skip to step 5.

Nick Lindauer

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