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Gatorman Hot Sauce Set – 1/1

Gatorman Hot Sauce Bottles

Wow! The bottles have arrived from CaJohn and he did a spectacular job on them! Both bottles are filled with CaJohn’s Red Savina® Purée and are double dipped in alternating green and orange wax. These bottles will be put up for auction at 10pm EST Wednesday Sept. 5th on Ebay. Proceeds from the sale of these bottles will be donated to my friend Tina and her family as has been the case with my other auctions. This one will run for seven days vs. the three I’ve been doing with the others.

For those not familiar with this project, here’s a little background. When I first learned of Tina’s accident the only thing that kept going through my mind was “What can I do to help?” After visiting her that night in the hospital, I had an idea. I had been toying with the idea of making my own hot sauce and making it into a little project like my jerky, sending it out to friends and family. The idea was to use the two bottles that my mom had given me for Christmas in this little project. I had no idea how, as there were only two bottles. The plan was to do regular woozy bottles and then figure out something special to do with these other two bottles. So then I hear of Tina’s accident. I have these two bottles sitting on my desk with labels on them but no definate future plans for them. So I called CaJohn on my way home from the hospital. I rattled off this idea to fill the bottles, wax them and put them on Ebay to sell as a fundraiser for Tina and her children. The main thing I was wanting to ask of John was if he could wax the bottles once I filled them. Well, he said sure, but also offered to fill them for me as well. So all I had to do was prep the bottles for shipping and send them to him. So that’s what I did. The gorgeous bottles in the pic are the result.

Gatorman Hot Sauce Bottles

I would like to say “Thank You!” to CaJohn for the help and support that he’s given me with this. Without his his help and generosity this chance to help my friend would not have happened. Also, because of the wait, there were tons of offers of support from friends and members of the chilehead community during the wait for the bottles. Thanks to these offers I was able to offer auctions in the time leading up to receiving the bottles from John. Thanks to these auctions I have already raised a total of $552.50 for Tina and her children. What a great show of support and generosity from the chilehead community. I can only say “Thank You!” to everyone that has offered their help and support, but I feel I owe so much more.

More info on Tina’s accident can be seen in a previous post HERE.

Auction can be found here

Gatorman Hot Sauce Bottles

I would also like to give an update as to how Tina and the childern are doing. Tina is is in a body brace still, but is home and mobile. She’s not able to drive or work, there’s still a lot of healing to go. Cierra is home, her foot is doing well. She still has more surgeries ahead in the future, but it looks good at this point. Harley just celebrated his 14th birthday this past Friday. He’s in good spirits and is doing great. So far all the help they have received has had a tremendous impact on them. Tina told me today (Monday, Sept 4th) to tell everyone “Thank You!” from her, Harley, and Cierra. She’s deeply grateful to everyone for their support and generosity. Which reminds me, one of the winners of the auctions that I had told me that they wanted me to give Tina the items won from the auction instead of shipping them out. She received them today and was deeply grateful. She couldn’t believe that hot sauce could sell for so much! LOL!! She appreciated having something like that as a reminder of the generosity of the chilehead community. She said she would display it proudly.

Thanks again everyone.


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