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Goat Pepper mash is finally available!

Exciting fiery news from PepperMaster – Goat Pepper mash is finally available! You can read the details below and can order the sauce on the PepperMaster website or even contact Tina regarding the peppers themselves.

You’ve been waiting so patiently for them, we’ve finally got them. Goat Pepper mash is finally available!

As part of our Fair Trade initiative, the farmer has applied for fair trade status and we’re hoping the peppers will be certified in time for the Christmas season. Currently, we are waiting for Flo-Cert.org to finish repricing coffee, so they can price the peppers. Until then, they are just nice fresh goat peppers.

If you’d like to order the peppers themselves, they can be ordered by contacting Tina Brooks at (514) 393-3430 or (866) 451-6770.

If you’re more interested in the sauce itself, well, here it is. The 110 ml jar is currently selling for $16 CAD Get it now, we’ve a limited supply before the next batch of peppers comes in.


There’s to be a special gift for members of our newsletter tomorrow… but I can’t say what it is, so if anyone wants in on it, they have to be on the mailing list when the newsletter announcement goes out.

If they aren’t yet on it, people can sign up on our website… http://www.peppermaster.com

Here’s the link for the sauce

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