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Golden Beaver Hot Sauce

Golden Beaver Hot SauceI’m not sure how I feel about this one, it’s pretty risque and I would definately not wear the belt buckle. But these bottles are limited edition, hand signed by Jerry and numbered. Only 1,000 will be produced. The gold flakes inside are pretty cool, giving this pretty tacky sauce a little bit of class. As a collector, I would remove the buckle before putting this on display.

Golden Beaver Hot Sauce
The Original Beaver buckle was made in 1975 in Toronto, Canada by a young man just starting his career in metal sculpting. This was one of his first “peices.” The buckle was designed from an actual tasting of the elusive Canadian Beaver. And it is truely one of a kind. This sauce adds elegance and a great peach flavored warmth to ice cream or any dessert, plus you get a GREAT BUCKLE!
Each bottle is hand signed and numbered by Crazy Jerry. Only 1,000 of these Golden Beavers will be produced!
Heat Scale: 8
Scoville Units: ?
Size: 6.75 fl. Oz.
Ingredients:Water, sugar, citric acid, vinegar, natural & artifical peach flavors, habanero pepper extract, natural stabilizer and 24 karat food grade gold flakes.

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