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Great Dorset Chilli Festival Competitions – The Winners

Winner Chilli Jam CompetitionAt the Great Dorset Chilli Festival  there where a number of competitions running including a best sauce competition where the visitors got to taste and vote for there favourite products.

The results were as follows:-

Also judged by an expert panel of judges was a chilli plant competition which was open to any who grows chilli for pleasure.

  • Best in Show – Charlotte Armes with Chocolate Bhut Jolokia Chilli
  •  2nd – Kieron Clarke with Mouruga Scorpion Satan’s Strain
  •  3rd – Lesley Reynolds with Black Pearl
  •  4th – Charlotte Armes with Nummex Twilight Chilli

And not forgetting the amazing chilli eating competition hosted by our very own Darth Naga

  • Saturdays Winner – Ben Brooks
  • Sundays Winner – Steve Hayball

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