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Halloween & Hot Sauce

Fountain of Hot Sauce
No, this isn’t a fountain of hot sauce, it’s actually a fountain of hot blood sauce that resides within the main gates at Six Flags Great Adventure for the Fright Fest. The wife & I decided to brave the 40 degree weather and crowds of teenagers in order to ride the tallest and fastest roller coaster on Earth.
Coster O' Death
It may not look like much in my picture here, but believe me, that fucker is huge! And even though we mistakenly cut in front of 1/4 of the line, the wait was still just over 3 hours – probably only 2 hours if we hadn’t waited the for the front seat. I thought about trying to get a better picture right before the coaster shot us out, but the thought of getting a digital camera jammed into my face at 128mph made me think twice. Hell, I thought my contacts were going to fly out of my eyes and I’m pretty sure the wife peed herself a bit. We can’t wait to go again!
A real mexican restaraunt
So after behaving like teenagers for the day, we stopped at “Real Mexican Food” (actually the name of the place) & instead of paying $10 for a pretzel at the park, we had drinks, dinner and chips & salsa + tip for less then $30. Immediately when we walked in I knew I was going to like the food. “Hola, Bienvinedos” was music to my ears and my stomach & finding Tapatio and El Yucateco on the table just about made my night. The selection was large and the waitress was very attentive.
A real mexican dinner
Right before our food came, a family with 2 demon spawn offspring came in and sat in the booth right behind us. The entire place was empty and they sat right next to us. This really irritated me and not just because I like a little space, but the two demon spawn kids were 500 times worse then my brother and I ever were. The eldest spawn child was about 5-6 and one day she will make some man very unhappy & probably ruin his night just liked she did for us.

Dinner was a Burrito Al Carbon with beans & rice. Simple and delicious – plus it was easy to eat quickly. If we ever hit Six Flags Great Adventure again, we will definately swing by again. Had it not been for the demon spawn kids we would have stayed longer and tried dessert. Definately can’t find “Real Mexican” in NYC.

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