Posted October 16, 2007 by Nick Lindauer in Hot Sauce News

Happy 3rd Birthday HSB!

We’ve survived another year! Just like last year and the year before – we’re celebrating late again, but it’s better late then never. Admittedly, I only remembered this year because it’s so close to our anniversary – when I was trying to not to forget that, I had a nagging feeling I was forgetting something else.

The last year has seen exponential growth here on the HSB and in the past 3 years combined we’ve had 1,875 posts and 55,349 comments! Which, when compared to last years birthday stats of 1,234 posts and 39,148 comments shows just how quickly the HSB has grown.

    In the past year the HSB has:

  • Had 641 posts & 16,201 comments
  • Had 1,715,235 unique visitors (up from 1,188,805 last year!)
  • Added additional reviewers.
  • Recieved visitors from 195 countries/regions.
  • Moved across country
  • Attended Fiery Foods, Zest Fest & the Houston Hot Sauce Festival
  • Made many friends in the fiery foods industry.
  • & Pissed off god only knows how many people.

Happy Birthday HSB!


Nick Lindauer

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