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Happy Birthday from Blair!

First, a Happy Birthday to Blair and for his birthday, he’s giving you (chileheads) a gift….

SEPT 30th 07- So Today I Turn 38—-I am so Glad I started making Hot Sauce when I was 19–And No not like some on their B-Day, I am F-in Happy to be 38 not 18 again…I was too crazy then..Well not much has changed..Anyway My Gift to you is Buy Whatever the hell you want today online and only today Sept 30th…And I will Double it.For FREE…Yep Thats What I said..FREE….Order 4 of a Sauce and Get 8 Whatever you want—-Sorry No Chips in the Double——OK FEEL ALIVE See YA—-Your Chilipal BLAIR …

–About Blairs-In 2007 Blairs Has exp the Single Greatest Growth Year in Since our Start in 1989. Our Chili Head Base Has more than Doubled. We Now Produce Over 1.5 million bags of the Famous Chip Line Each month. Our Death Sauces Are Now Found In Over 50 Countries and Printed in 5 Languages. Blairs has Now Served over 35 million Chiliheads Worldwide-Now, All That sounds so corporate.(Not Me At All) However, Every Bit of it is 100% Fact, But here is the funny part. NOT A SINGLE THING THAT I DO EACH DAY HAS CHANGED-NOTHING-Yes- You Will Find me Answering the company phone sometimes.People Say “Why are you answering the phone?” I say, “I remember 20 years ago just wanting it to Ring”-“Plus I had no one else to Answer it. and no Web Site”.- I GET MORE JACKED UP ABOUT THE FUTURE AND FOR ONLY REASON- EACH DAY I MEET ANOTHER FUN CHILIHEAD AND LEARN SOMETHING NEW. I would have never dreamed that at 38 years old, I would have more passion for what I do today than when I started Blairs at 19 years OLD. TO MY AMAZING CHILIHEAD PALS . I SAY – A SINCERE THANK YOU- NO BULLSH@T HERE. You know that already. We have spent 15-20 years together in many cases

Check it out here on Blair’s website.

Nick Lindauer

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